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The Vapor Age Collection

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The Doomsday Collection

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The infinite Space Collection

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The orginal retro inspired NFTs on the Cardano blockchain

RetroNFTs was founded in 2021 by two crypto-enthusiasts, Nathan and Terry, with the aim of doing things a little differently. The duo specialise in building relationships with emerging artists, helping them expose their talent to a global network using the Cardano blockchain to create collectible NFTs.

Bringing together technology and retro styling the team hand-selects artists from around the world and works to ensure each collection is as unique as the individual that created it.

There is lots planned with upcoming artists to bring some thrilling ideas to life, including a game. Each collection will contain a maximum of 26 designs, with some limited to even smaller numbers. Every artwork piece includes a unique ID that allows easy identification the artist, series and design.

Our Artists

We handpick all of our artists to provide unique and collectible NFTs

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Richard Pérez

Pixel Artist Learn More
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Rabbit Hole Renders

3D Render Artist Learn More
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Abrahim Luccas

Illustrator Learn More

Our Team

RetroNFTs has a great team of crypto-enthusiasts building on Cardano

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Nathan Staples

Business Development Lead
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Terry West

Lead Developer
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Sam Clark

Brand Manager
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Kiel Abraham

Full Stack Developer


Frequently Asked Questions

  • An NFT is a non-fungible token (NFT), which is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio and other types of digital files by using metadata.

  • You can buy directly from us here at RetroNFTs, just take a look at our collections for completed artwork.

  • Please allow up to 48 hours for your tokens to be sent, we will email you once your transaction has been completed. Your token can be seen by inputting your wallet address on the site or using the NFT-Craze Gallery app. There are other sevices that will allow you to see your tokens and more are being created everyday.

  • You should pay only using ADA from either a Yoroi or Daedalus wallet. DO NOT send ADA from an exchange such as Coinbase or Binance.

  • We recommend that you use the escrow services offered by the team on the CNFT Discord server. You can come chat to us in our own channel (#retronfts) on the CNFT discord server if you are unsure how to put your token/s up for sale

    CNFT Discord Server

  • You can check the legitimacy of your tokens by ensuring the it has one of the relevant policy ID's below:

    The Doomsday Collection (A-J): 8e83eb63ab3014664ee5348c1607b587198a3a8134dc61e6a3beac45

    The Doomsday Collection (K-Z): 664135f92a4f30cc3d7412cc0e280f677523c1b3e0bdbb086c7dfa8a

    The Doomsday Collection (V2): b74a34533d69bb5a744f53e3a85e87e0635075c848ed5564430bdc69

    The Vapor Age Collection: 5b24e9308aa869851e0d0781a0b3e10f7db4f7b5a8c3161657dd38ea

    The Infinite Space Collection: 5462b53515b374288bfd811c808488eb85876fbdc8d3c586a2b1ae09

    RetroBytes: ac26608004bca3e44ebc8f28fd58d4ae0dc26ffa9baeb8b3e32ee4cf

    Retro Fahalloween 2021: 8e2fe2fee97c4ff17ee93ed204a8218cec80cd8d499cf148f76c1b36

    PlanetPalz Creative Contest: eba191312bf18cb71ce6db361004ae720c9ce3bd9363d721b41c33d9

    The Token Test: 5ba29189b17c0f40facd2ca7dfcb33800a76c2421bea114da4aaa4ed

    The Token Test 003: cee5e51dc6da99b1051c8bdcc921b007cf9f6aee6dd9801e1c5076db

  • We mint our Cardano tokens using a policy script that makes it impossible to mint more with the same policy ID after a certain slot (time)

    The Doomsday Collection:

    { "type": "all", "scripts": [ { "type": "before", "slot": 26945300 }, { "type": "sig", "keyHash": "ecf9495cf7aff5957b8950c743ea0bdf0a9ea75bc0ddc7d9d163c338" } ] }

  • We don't run a presale on any of our artwork collections. Upon release we put the full quantity of the NFTs up for sale and they remain available to buy through our website at any time until they have sold out.

  • We cannot accept any returns and all sales are final, but you can resell you token on the CNFT dicord server. If you do have any issues during the purchase process please contact us, we will be happy to help. By confriming your purchase you are committing to buy and accept these terms. Please DO NOT send ADA from an exchange, you may be unable to retrieve your token assests sent to these addresses and by doing so you will lose your NFT.