Joe: Rabbit.hole_renders

My Name is Joe and I am a freelance motion designer and a 3D generalist from the land of the pyramids, that has over than 10 years experience in this field. I’ve spent the last few years working in the entertainment and advertising Industry which gave me the opportunity to work for big names and brands such as Hardwell, Labrinth, Nestle and HBO. I always follow a small rule in my life which is “Don’t be a prisoner to your own style” That’s why I like to experiment and explore new fields in design and animation. One of the most apealing aspects of design that I always love to do the the vaporwave look that always gives the viewer this nostalgic feeling every time they see it.

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RetroNFTs Artist ID: 002

Other Artwork

This is a small selection of creative work from this artist that has been created outside of RetroNFTs