The Infinite Space Collection

Step into space on a journey free from time – Lord Berons’ cosmic adventure is one you won’t forget! The Infinite Space Collection allows you traverse the imagined discoveries of Brazilian Carioca artist, Sad’Hue. Lord Berons is his enterprising alter ego, and the hero of this untouched world. The hypnotic movements of his abstract art nods to the vaporwave aesthetic. From the psychedelic to the trance-inducing, a consciousness-expanding adventure awaits. There may even be a future use for these mysterious findings…

This collection will be sold by random selection and your Cardano NFT token will be minted on demand from the available pool. There will only be a total 51 minted of the complete collection with a total of 5 inital designs, the non-animated card in the this set of 5 is the only 1/1. The remaining cards differ in rarity which is shown on the card details below.

Qty Available

RetroNFTs Sunset Card
RetroNFTs Classic Card
RetroNFTs Gem Card
RetroNFTs Slime Card
RetroNFTs Lava Card

Summer Sale

FREE Doomsday NFT with every purchase worth 86ada


ID: 003-003-00A
Total Minted: 20
Price: ₳50


ID: 003-003-00B
Total Minted: 15
Price: ₳50


ID: 003-003-00C
Total Minted: 10
Price: ₳50


ID: 003-003-00D
Total Minted: 5
Price: ₳50
RetroNFTs Sunset Card


ID: 003-003-00E
Total Minted: 1
Price: ₳50