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Help the brave Hugh de Montfort rid the land of greedy King William and Queen Matilda in this classic 2D sidescroller game. Different cards in your Doomsday NFT collection will unlock different characters, extra levels and bonus games. Throughout the game you’ll meet other townsfolk, including the good, the bad, and the pixelated to learn how the story unfolds.

The Doomsday Game start screen

This wholesome free to play game* is safe for work and open to everyone. Even if you don’t own a Doomsday NFT yet, you can still play the first three levels as Hugh. You’ll need to gain as many RetroCoins along the way as you can while you race to save the town and beat other players competing on the DoomsdayVerse leaderboard. Multiple prizes will be given every quarter to the best performing players**.

The Doomsday Game Hugh Character

Game graphics are all by artist Richard Pérez, the original creator of The Doomsday Collection which was inspired by the 1086 Domesday Book and given a RetroNFTs twist.

The Doomsday Game Roadmap

Q2 2021

Doomsday NFTs Released

Q2 2021

Level 1 Artwork Created

Q3 2021

Single Level Concept

Q3 2021

Concept Beta Testing

Q4 2021

Soundtrack Musician Commissioned

Q1 2022

Multi-level Game Development

Q2 2022

Full Character Implementation

Q4 2022

Wallet Integration

Q4 2022

Online Scoring Integration

Q4 2022

Final Game Testing

Q4 2022

General Release

Q4 2022

Community Competitions

*Purchase of a Doomsday Collection NFT is required to access game levels 4 and above, bonus games, and different players.
**Ownership of a Doomsday Collection NFT is required to be eligible for these prizes.